Super Fund Trustees

Working alongside your professional adviser or accountant we can facilitate a range of Self Managed Super Funds that are called “Limited Recourse Borrowing Loans”. These type of loans have become popular over recent years as more employees and self employed business owners or sole traders have taken an interest in controlling their finances through the establishment of a Self Managed Super Fund.

From our experience, these funds are inappropriately named – they require more work than a typical retail fund, and there is not much “Self Managed” about them. The trustees subject themselves to compliance risks that they are seldom aware of (ie non compliance within the Superannuation SIS rules). However, in many cases they are entirely appropriate, and provide members with the ability to invest in direct property whether it be commercial or residential.

We work alongside our trusted advisers when providing these loans to ensure they are appropriate, particularly where members only have limited funds in superannuation that are being directed towards the purchase of a single asset.

If you are not sure whether this type of loan or strategy could be suitable for you, please give us a call and we will be able to direct you to one of our trusted referral partners.

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