Business Owners

One of the more common scenarios we see are business owners with overdraft facilities that have become unmanageable. We are able to generally refinance this overdraft facility at much more competitive rates by securing the debt against residential property.

Another less common scenario, is a business owner who rents a factory decides he might want to approach the landlord to buy it, or purchase it when it goes up for sale unexpectedly. In this scenario, we work with our referral partners to structure this appropriately and approach a number of commercial lenders to pursue the most competitive rate and fees in the market.

Where available time is short, we can use a mortgage manager or lender that provides a very quick turnaround time.

We can assist with most scenarios thrown at us by business owners, or at least point them in the right direction. Financing of equipment isn’t something we do, but we have referral partners we use for this service.

We can offer credit assistance with most commercial scenarios, so please, give us a call and ask

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