Why Us?

Unlike most mortgage broking firms that facilitate a transaction between a client and a lender, we take the time at the outset to really get to know what it is our clients are seeking to achieve over the short, medium and long term. This way, we get the structure and strategy right at the outset. Many of our clients come from a trusted accountant or adviser that is managing and protecting their wealth, and we work alongside those advisers to structure the right loan or finance solution to meet our client’s needs.

We are accredited with over 20 different lenders, and have regular meetings with business development managers and brokers to continually stay abreast of changes and opportunities that become available for our clients.

Finally, because we operate efficiently we are generally able to provide our advice without charging a credit fee, an upfront cost that many large broking firms are having to charge clients due to the increasing cost of staffing, insurance and compliance. There are some circumstances where a credit fee will be charged, but we will issue you a credit quote before processing if this is the case.

What you can expect from us is a personalized experience, quick response time, efficient processes and reliable, trusted advice from initial contact to loan settlement.

Moreover, we will contact you regularly post settlement to ensure that we are servicing your ongoing needs so as your life changes your finances move with you. Throughout the process, where you have an adviser or conveyancer, they will be kept in the loop to ensure the loan process occurs seamlessly and the optimal outcome is achieved.

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